• The Living Room (Matthew & Elora's) (map)
  • 3222 North Monaco Parkway
  • Denver, CO, 80207
  • United States

What happens at The Table? 
We eat. We chat. We get to know another. Pretty simple. And, we bless the food and the people.

Who is invited?
Our neighbors in Park Hill (from Colfax to I-70). No religious affiliation required. If you live outside of Park Hill, you're invited too! Typically, everyone brings some food to share. 

Where is The Table?
3222 Monaco Parkway (Home of Matthew & Elora Collver) - park on Magnolia; we're the second house north of MLK and come in through the brown fence.

For more information about The Table and why we do this, check out this page - http://www.thehillsdenver.com/the-table