• Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being (map)
  • 3401 Eudora Street
  • Denver, CO, 80207
  • United States

Every 5th Sunday we have a pancake breakfast in lieu of our normal worship service. We believe that sharing meals together is a foretaste of God's coming kingdom when we will sit down for a meal with our Savior. We live in a graceless culture. A culture of competition in which we’re all trying to get ahead. A culture of insecurity in which we’re all trying to prove ourselves. A culture of spite in which we hold grudges, envy success, protect ourselves. In this culture our shared meals offer a moment of grace. A sign of something different. Around the table we offer friendship and celebrate life. Our meals offer a divine moment – an opportunity for people to be seduced by grace into a better life, a truer life, a more human existence.

What happens at our pancake breakfast? We eat pancakes. Pretty simple. (We'll have a gluten free option too). 

What can you bring? We ask that you bring a "breakfasty" type dish to share - casserole, fruit, muffins. 

What about kids? They get to eat too. (We'll have childcare for kids 6mo - 2yrs).