We are committed to sharing life with friends and gathering people together who share our passion for Jesus and the neighborhood. We encourage you to pray and ask God if he would have you join us. You can check us out on Facebook too @ facebook.com/thehillsdenver

Rhythms. As a new church we are discovering what our rhythms will be as a community. We want our rhythms or habits to form us as a people. We desire to balance our upward movement toward God (worship/devotion), our inward movement toward each other (spiritual community/fellowship), and our outward movement as part of the kingdom of God (neighborhood renewal/outreach).


Sunday Gatherings


Sunday gatherings help people of all ages discover a meaningful relationship with Christ and grow in spiritual development. This is a time for the church family to gather together around the teaching of the Bible, communion (eucharist), and celebration of who God is and what He is doing in our lives. 

Skeptics are welcome!

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We meetup weekly in groups of 3 to 7 at local coffee shops for relationship building, spiritual formation, and accountability. (Don't let "accountability" scare you. We just want what's best for each other). Whether you've had an active faith for years or are just beginning to explore your faith, you'll find a relaxed environment where questions are welcomed. 

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As a church collectively and individually we want to practically love our neighbors. We intentionally share meals and bless one another and our neighbors. Once a month we intentionally find a way to serve our neighborhood.  

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Ministry Teams

The Hills Church exists because its people serve one another. Since we are a church in infancy, we are looking for people who might share our vision of creating a church that works for good of the neighborhood. We are confident that God is forming a team of church pioneers to step out in faith and join this adventure. We encourage you to pray and ask God if he would have you join us. 

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Jesus is bringing resurrection, redemption, and renewal wherever God’s people are willing to join him. At The Hills we want to be known for our generosity - both with our time and finances - locally and globally.

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