Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

We believe our church should help make our neighborhood a better place to live. You’ll often find us at neighborhood schools and local events with our bounce house, giving away popcorn, and face painting. Once a month we look for ways to bless our neighborhood as a faith community. We host a free sports camp for kids every summer and provide free family photos every Christmas. We want to see our neigbhorhood flourish.

As part of our rhythm of life, we encourage everyone who is part of The Hills to bless one person and share a meal with someone every week. Blessing someone includes an act of service, word of encouragement, or gift giving.


Pancake Breakfast
Every 5th Sunday we have a pancake breakfast in lieu of our normal worship service. We believe that sharing meals together is a foretaste of God's coming kingdom when we will sit down for a meal with our Savior. We post these on our Events page when they come up.

Backyard Cookouts “The Table”
During the warmer months, we promote backyard cookouts throughout the neighborhood. We believe one of the best things we can do for our neighborhood is help neighbors get to know one another. Did you know that studies say that knowing your neighbors is connected to longer livine? True story. It’s simple. We eat. We chat. We get to know another. Pretty simple. 


Why do we do this? What’s the hidden agenda?
There is no hidden agenda. We want to help our neighbors get to know each other. You might find yourself talking about your hobby and your interests. We might do the same so you might hear us talking about Jesus from time to time. We promise not to "sell" Jesus if you promise not to sell your oils, teas, coffees, supplements, cosmetics, kitchen products, or creams. :)

Living in Park Hill we have found that people take pride in the neighborhood and want to know their neighbors. However, there are limited natural social gathering spaces in Park Hill. This is even more pronounced in the northern half of the neighborhood since it was designed without sidewalks. All are welcome at The Table whether you claim to follow Jesus or not, whether you agree with our theology or not, whether you’ve been in the neighborhood three weeks or thirty years. If you would like a full explanation about why we think sharing meals is so important, you can read THIS

Meals are a powerful expression of welcome and friendship in every culture. Jesus spent a large portion of his time eating with friends, followers, and foes. So we join to together regularly to share a meal with each other and our neighbors. By doing so we hope to meet new friends and develop strong community within our neighborhood.