The Rhythm of Life

By grace Jesus Christ invites us into a radically new way of life - the life of the kingdom - but this requires practice. We have to learn new habits, new rhythms, an entirely new language. For hundreds of years, Christians in various traditions have entered into the life of the kingdom through certain daily, weekly, and monthly practices such as prayer and fasting, solitude and silence, communion and confession, sacrifice and service. For a deeper look at our Rhythm of Life we encourage your to read What is a Rhythm of Life.

Daily Practices

Morning Prayer and/or Evening Prayer
Strive for 20 minutes, once a day
Resources to help you get started: The Lord’s Prayer,  The Lord's Prayer (BONUS!), Prayer of Examen, Lectio Divina

Scripture Reading
We follow a two-year Bible reading plan together as a community
We encourage a regular time of reading the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
We also read along with How to Read the Bible Book by Book by Gordon Fee
Bible reading resources: (great introductory videos for each book of the Bible), (app),

Weekly Practices

Regular Exercise
3-4 times per week, minimum of 30 minutes each

Sabbath Rest
Once a week for a 24 Hour Period

Community Groups (Small Groups)
 Groups of 3-7 people meetup to build community, grow spiritually,
pray for one another, and to work through the rhythm of life

Bless One Another 
Bless one person this week
Alternate between someone within and outside of the church
Resources to help you get started: The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak
Surprise the World by Michael Frost

Sunday Gatherings
A time to practice and rehearse what it means to be the people of God

Share a Meal
Eat with one person this week
Alternate between someone within and outside of the church
Be intentional about including people who don't look like you

Monthly Practices

From food and social media for one 24 hour period
Our community fasts and prays the third Thursday of every month

Ministry Teams
Serving the body of Christ

Giving regularly, sacrificially, generously, and joyfully

Regular Date Night
For those who are married

In your current context, where can you steward the work of God for the good of others?
This can be small or large, local or global, solo or with others

Obedience (your deep "Yes" to God)
What is the seasonal task you feel called to?
What has God placed in your hands to be faithful with?
How do you embody Christ outwardly?
How does your faith find expression in the world?

Annual Practices

Solitude Retreat
For at least one 24 hour period
Retreat centers:,,,

Missions Trip
Serving our world

Next Steps

Baptism & Holy Communion
Visible symbols of invisible grace

Covenant Membership
Joining a family on mission