Welcome to the neighborhood! You’ll find that your neighbors take great pride in living here and we hope you will to. We asked friends to give us recommendations for neighborhood “Life Hacks.” Here are the most common responses. First and most importantly, get to your know your neighbors and the history of the neighborhood. Second, pay attention to the Street Sweeping parking signs or you’ll pay a parking ticket! Trust us on this one. The parking enforcement officers are very efficient! You can sign up for automatic notifications at pocketgov.com.  (Pocketgov.com is a great resource for all things city related like your trash schedule and reporting problems such as graffiti and potholes. You can also call 311).

More Neighborhood Life Hacks
There are two Registered Neighborhood Organization in Park Hill – Greater Park Hill Community (www.greaterparkhill.org/) which meets the first Thursdays of the month at 6:30pm in the GPHC Community Room located at 2823 Fairfax St and the Northeast Park Hill Coalition which meets the second Tuesday of the month at District 2 Police Station at 3921 Holly St.

History: Park Hill is a neighborhood with deep roots. The Denver Library has an online history of the neighborhood that you’ll find very insightful and probably eye opening. For a more in-depth look check out Phil Goodstein’s, 500-page! book Park Hill Promise.  

Keep it Local: There are several blocks with local businesses and restaurants. The following locations have a number of locally owned shops worth checking out.

  • Kearney between 23rd and 22nd
  • Fairfax between 28th and 29th
  • 23rd between Dexter and Cherry
  • Oneida between 23rd and 22nd
  • Holly Square 33rd between Holly and Hudson

Libraries: Pauline Robinson Library & Park Hill Library

Parks: City of Axum (Cherry), Ferguson (Turtle), Skyland, Martin Luther King Jr.

Recreation Centers: Hiawatha Davis & Martin Luther King Jr. (great options for swim lessons and kids’ sports!)

Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-being: The Dahlia Campus @ 3401 Eudora is a great neighborhood resource providing fitness classes, yoga, cooking classes, community garden and green house, and even hydroponics (raising fish). They also offer dentistry for kids, house a preschool, and provide a mental health services. You can join one of their weekly tours to learn more.

Random Fun Stuff:

  • Cross-country skiing on the golf course is great fun. Especially at night.
  • Walk City Park and at least once go walk the golf course after hours. You will feel extremely fortunate to live here.
  • Watch out for Japanese beetles in your garden.
  • Walk and ride the neighborhood: try these streets for walking - 17th, 19th, 22nd, 25th, 28th and these streets for biking - Montview, 23rd, and 26th.

For more resources for neighborhood walking and biking check out

  • Northeast Transportation Connections – great walking and biking maps www.netransportation.org
  • 303 Artway is a proposed art-themed urban trail connecting paved walkways and bike paths through the Park Hill Neighborhood with a larger vision to expand through Denver. www.303artway.org
  • Bikes Together is a non-profit that promotes active and healthy living by increasing access to bicycles, promoting safe, bike-friendly environments and advocating for policies that promote bicycle access and use. Check them out at 2825 Fairfax Street.

Last thing. If you're looking for a racially and economically diverse community to be a part of, you should come check us out this Sunday. To see what a Sunday service is like check out our Plan Your Visit page.